A portion of Scripture that has spoken to me for years is the Psalms of Ascents, Psalms 120-134. These psalms tell the story of an Israelite pilgrim on the way to Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. These psalms were first performed by the Levite priests at the dedication of the Temple of Solomon. They resemble an oratorio in that they tell a story chorally, without making use of any props, costumes or even action. The priests sang one of the fifteen psalms on each of the fifteen steps leading up into the temple. 
When I read these passages, I want to hear them the way God’s people in ancient Israel would have heard them. I recognize a story of deliverance and redemption. As I meditate on these lyrics, I feel a deep connection with God. I recognize the close relationship the psalmist and God's devout people had with Him even in difficult times. Don’t our hearts long for the same things today? We all need help in our time of need. We all desire authentic connection to others, relationship of real love share with our creator. 
I’ve updated the some of psalm text to modern language and written new music for it so that we can relate to the message in our personal devotional time or as a congregation. Let’s allow His Word to work in our lives and ready us to meet the challenges of our moment.