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Where are you in your life's journey? How is God a part of your journey? Do you want to deepen your relationship with God? I do.

Do you want your experience of worshiping God to be transforming? I’m right there with you.

Do you have a desire to learn God’s Word more deeply, and have it become a part of you? Do you want God's activated Word in you displaying His Kingdom wherever you go? Now we’re onto something. 

Hi, I’m Jerry Cordato. I craft music intended to encourage, inspire and empower you toward spiritual and personal growth. I weave Psalms and other Scriptures with gospel-jazz inspired music creating moments of experience with God.  

You may already be vibing with what I say or you may not yet know how powerful this can be for you. Either way, know this: you are not an accident, no matter what anyone has told you. No matter what circumstances have occurred in your life God knows you and had you in His Mind and Heart before you were born. You are here for a reason. God has put gifts in you.  He has put them there to transform your life and others and to bring about His Good Will and Kingdom on Earth. You are probably using some portion of your gifts and abilities now. How about kicking it into hyperdrive? My goal is to create an atmosphere for you to be encouraged, inspired and empowered in your walk with our Heavenly Father. 

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THe Deepening Journey Blog

Get In the Tent! 

The day my wife and I were married started out beautifully: outside my wife’s parents’ rural central NY country home’s spacious backyard exquisitely landscaped by her Mom, out under the arbor lovingly crafted by her Dad in their aromatic herb garden under a cloudless mild summer sky, we exchanged vows.

After, the ceremony and before the dinner we strolled the scenic grounds interacting with our family and friends as the photographer captured our first moments of married life. And then it began to rain; lightly at first. Soon after, the heavens opened up and our guests ran to get under the tent. It may have seemed like a problem at first but under the tent, dinner was served and there was fellowship, music and celebration. Everything happening that was important was under the tent. In the lands of the Bible, rain was seen as a blessing. We were quite blessed—and blessed my wife's parents rented a tent!

“I will return; and I will rebuild the fallen tent of David. I will rebuild its ruins, I will restore it, so that the rest of mankind may seek the Lord, that is, all the Gentiles [non-Jews] who have been called by my name," says ADONAI, [the Lord] who is doing these things.' Acts 15:14-18

This is a remarkable prophecy from the prophet Amos that finds a fulfillment among the early Messianic believers. God said He will rebuild the tent of David and include the Gentiles that seek him. What is significant about David’s tent? Let’s look at David first.

God says that David was a man after His own heart. David wasn’t perfect by any measure; but He loved God and desired to glorify his name in battle, in worship, and in his obedience to God’s commandments. David was devout and committed to God no matter what it cost him. He battled hard, worshipped hard, and obeyed as best he could. When he disobeyed, he honored God and repented.

I’ve always had an affinity for David. He was called at a young age and wrote, played, and sang music unto God. I have played piano weekly for worship in church from the time I was 12. (That’s an interesting story for another time). I enjoyed inviting others to worship with me. I also began writing songs at that point. I continue to enjoy bringing people into praise and worship of God; people’s lives are put back together; people get healed, physically and spiritually. What a joy! Now, what’s this about David’s tent?

David set up Levites that would continually worship the Lord in song in the tent. (1 Chron. 16: 4) Being in David’s tent, sheltered from the outside, one focuses on the important things, the eternal things. One encounters the Presence of the Lord: an atmosphere of thanksgiving, praise, worship, fellowship with God and others in celebration of His goodness and blessings. God in David’s tent—a refuge from the storms of the world. Similar to my wife’s and my wedding day, good things happened under the tent.

The Lord was pleased with the worship from David’s tent and promised to build it again in the future and invite us Gentiles to join in. Amen, I’m glad to be part of the worship in the tent that God is restoring in the earth today. Come on, join us—get in the tent!

The Kingdom Comes Through Us! 

When we begin framing our world in God's framework, God can more readily build His Kingdom on earth through us. What am I talking about?

We often look at circumstances around us through our limited perspective. Our response or reaction will often get us outcomes that are less than helpful and ultimately don't get us what we truly desire. As we read and understand God's Word, we get a clearer picture of our surroundings. We can then exchange our sinful, ungodly responses to the circumstances of life for holy, empowered responses. As we respond in holiness, the atmosphere changes and heaven manifests on earth, right where we are!

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” Psalms 119:11, KJV. 

Scripture mixed with God's Holy Spirit and faith transforms our thinking patterns. God helps us to turn away from our sinful ways and begin living as He commands. 

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” Colossians 3:16, KJV.

God has chosen to move on earth through each of of us called by His Name, in spite of our imperfections. What a privilege! He entrusts His Kingdom to us. How truly awesome! May we hide God's word in our hearts. May His powerful Word transform us and cause us to show His Grace to those with whom we come in contact today. 

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