About Jerry

I’m from upstate New York - beautiful Columbia County in the picturesque Hudson River Valley. I began playing piano and singing every week in church and writing and recording songs when I was 12 years old. I moved to playing professionally outside of church at 16. Throughout high school and college, I continued writing and recording with various collaborators. When my wife and I married and later started our family, I shifted my priority from my own musical pursuits to focus on my wife and children. Teaching music both provided for us financially and allowed me to keep myself immersed in music, sharing my passion with many delightful young people.

I’m so pleased to be able to return to writing and recording original music with the same energy and excitement I had as a younger man. My education and experience enable me to draw on a breadth of musical and experiential knowledge to bring a spiritual depth to the music I create. I use harmonies and melodies influenced by both jazz and classical music and weave them around multi-layered rhythms. Part of my unique approach is that I look at the text of the Bible from a Hebraic perspective. I study to understand how that culture would have received God’s Word in their time and context, then I work to convey the same message to us in our time and context. I aim to keep the form and style of the Hebrew text and present it in a relatable way, accompanied by jazzy melodies and compelling grooves. I love the result. 

My current project centers on a group of psalms called the Psalms of Ascents. You can read more about them on the Music page of this website. Sign up to my mailing list to partner with me in this endeavor to encourage and empower the Body of Messiah and reach those whom God is drawing to Himself!